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Fellow Demand Generation Practitioners,

The term ‘demand generation’ has certainly been a hot topic in the B2B space for a while now. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be difficult at times to stay laser-focused and determine the right mix of demand-gen programs to hit your bottom line goals.

Digital marketing, social media, SEO & SEM, marketing automation, webinars, virtual events, physical events, 3rd party lead generation agencies, etc. The options are endless. The best demand-gen practitioners are the ones who have a keen sense of the challenges that their target audience faces on a daily basis and how they typically like to access their content, and then catering to those challenges and wants with the right blend of strategic programs.

The goal of our 2014 demand-gen benchmarking study is to determine what types of programs experts in the field are leveraging to create demand for their business, qualified leads for their sales force, and overall bottom lines results for their organizations.

By participating in this VERY brief survey (literally 5-6 minutes), you will have access to a free copy of the survey results in 60-90 days. These results will give you insight into the most recent demand-gen trends, what your peers in the industry are doing and what is/isn’t working well, ultimately allowing you to benchmark your demand-gen processes against other leading global organizations.

We greatly appreciate your participation and best of luck in your demand-gen efforts!

Jason Stegent
President - Elastic Solutions