Harrow Bush Nursing Centre 

* 1. Which of the following best represents you?

* 2. Thinking about HBNC over the past two years, please rate your response to the following statements.

  Strongly agree Agree Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree Unsure / don't know
HBNC has provided quality services that are based on the needs of their community.
Visiting services to HBNC have been encouraged and supported to ensure their continuity.
The services provided by HBNC have been well communicated and I know what is available at the Centre.
HBNC has proactively sought opportunities to partner with my organisation, or those in the region, to ensure sustainable and relevant services for the Harrow and district communities.
HBNC has developed and delivered services by taking advantage of technological developments in health care.
HBNC has broadened the range of services it provides to the community.
HBNC has actively participated in regional partnership opportunities to improve the health of the community.

* 3. What do you see as the three current and biggest challenges for Bush Nursing Centres in Victoria? (tick three of the following options).

* 4. Thank you for your time, please use the space below to add further thoughts or comments.