New Castle Elementary is in the process of selecting a principal. The site-based council would appreciate your input about the qualities important to you in your next principal. Please answer the following questions. We thank you for your input.

Question Title

* 1. I am a

Question Title

* 2. Select and rank the 3 most important qualities you would like to see in the next NCES principal.

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Understands the connection of school culture to student achievement.
Believes in and will support adjusting instructional practices to meet various student learning styles.
Believes in and will carry out discipline techniques that provide a safe, positive learning environment through fair, firm, and consistent practices.
Is committed to closing achievement gaps and ensuring all students are at or above grade level.
Welcomes and values input and will be a model of good communication among all the stakeholders of the school community: parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the community
Able to manages time effectively and efficiently, while keeping students and learning as the top priority.
Promotes and communicates a positive image of New Castle Elementary School, Henry County Public Schools, and Henry County.
Enthusiastic involvement in the New Castle and the Henry County community.
Has elementary experience
School administrative experience
Clear Vision of how to raise elementary student achievement
Understands and can lead the implementation of best practices in elementary education.
Able to push student and teachers to do their best without having unrealistic expectations
Works to get staff the materials and technology they need to teach to the best of their abilities