Thank you for reading my SuccessNet article, and for taking a few minutes to provide your input on the below items. Your feedback is important to me and to BNI! - Graham Weihmiller, CEO

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* 1. Please rate each of the following on their potential helpfulness to BNI Members

  1-Not Helpful 2-Slightly Helpful 3-Somewhat Helpful 4-Very Helpful 5-Extremely Helpful
Provide a BNI Member Care Call Center to quickly answer questions for visitors and members
Make it easier to invite visitors to a BNI chapter
Make it easier to educate visitors on BNI
Provide an online membership application instead of paper applications
Put required initial training (ex: Member Success Program) online instead of requiring it in person
Provide a simple Guide to BNI that explains the key terminology and processes of BNI
Change the attendance policy to allow for more flexibility
Make it easier to form and manage Power Teams
Make it easier to organize BNI events that support chapter success
Automate reports so they don't need to be created and distributed manually
Simplify the membership renewal process
Make it easier for BNI members to transfer Chapters

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* 2. Are there any other ideas that you'd like to share? If so, please do below.