Before you start the application process, we'd like to be sure you understand a few things about what a houseboy is.

First of all, we believe you must look at a houseboy position as a lifestyle and not a job. It is a state of mind. The houseboy must have a submissive personality. A houseboy position is never that of a "slave" as some of the judgemental types like to think. You are simply working for your food, rent, clothing, and sometimes an allowance or salary. So think of a houseboy as a lifestyle first and a job second. If you're not happy in that kind of life, it is not for you.

Next, we can't tell you if you'd make a salary, how much it would be, or anything to that nature. What we can do is take down a list of what you would like and try to match them up with what the clients are looking for. We will work together to get you the best deal possible.

Lastly, the subject of sex comes up. Houseboys are not a slave that clients can use at any time. That is called a "slave" and is a whole other lifestyle we won't talk about here. Some houseboys want sex to be part of the deal and some don't. Some clients want it, and some don't. This is another area where we will be sure it is addressed up front before a placement is made.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, then please proceed.

Being as DETAILED as possible will put you to the front of the line. Think about your answers and do not shy away from the truth. The more honest we feel you are being, the more likely you are to be chosen!

* Basic Questions

* Describe your current living situation.
(i.e. Do you live with parents? Friends? Other family?
Are you in a lease? When is your lease up?)

* Describe your current working situation
(i.e. Do you work? What do you do?
How many hours do you work? What do you make
per hour?)

* What is your idea of a houseboy?
(i.e. What do they do? How do they live?)