Townsville Green Drinks Feedback

1.How many Green Drinks events have you attended over the past 12 months?
2.Which of the following venues did you enjoy (or think you would enjoy in future)? Select all that apply.
3.Can you suggest any other venues for us to explore?
4.How often would you prefer the venue to change?
5.Which of the following have been barriers to you attending Green Drinks in the past? Select all that apply.
6.Green Drinks are usually held from 6pm on a Friday. If we were to explore other days/times, what would you suggest?
7.We would like to invite guest speakers to present at Green Drinks throughout 2023. Who would you like the chance to meet or hear from?
8.If you have attended at least one Green Drinks event in the past, what did you enjoy about it? Select all that apply.
9.Is there any other feedback you'd like to provide, to help us improve Green Drinks in the future?
10.Your name