Thank you for your interest in the OPTA Scholarship Program. This initiative is designed to award a limited number of scholarships to members of the ticketing community who are unable to meet the annual membership fee. We are pleased to share details about the 2014-2015 scholarship application process.

OPTA Scholarships:

1. Each year, our organization issues up to five scholarships for the upcoming season. Recipients are selected by the board of directors or an appointed committee. If the board determines that no applicants qualify for a scholarship, no scholarships will be awarded in that particular year.

2. Eligible candidates include: new members; former members; or individuals who are retired or unemployed.

3. Qualifying individuals are eligible to receive one scholarship during their career.

4. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to take full advantage of everything OPTA has to offer, including meetings, professional development opportunities or events. However, it is noted that unforeseen circumstances, such as weather conditions, health or unexpected work commitments may cause one to miss a meeting or event.

5. The scholarship application deadline is Friday, April 18. 2014.

6. Successful applicants will be notified via email prior to the Annual General Meeting of the association in June, the OPTA year end.

7. An existing member may submit a scholarship request on behalf of another individual.

8. Scholarship recipients will not be disclosed to the OPTA membership, however, new memberships resulting from the scholarship program are subject to general membership approval as are all new memberships.


1. You must either have worked or are currently working in some relation within the ticketing industry or related arts organization.

2. How many years were you or have currently been working in the industry?

3. Provide your reason(s) for the scholarship request.

4. Let us know how being an OPTA member will benefit you and your organization.

5. Provide the contact name and information from a current or former OPTA member to support your request for a scholarship.