Merrifield View HOA Trash Survey


It has been a year since the board arranged for rear toters and back only garbage pickup. We have heard feedback from a few households about the back of house only pickup arrangement and how it is working. We would like to collect feedback from more of the community before we decide next steps. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey.

Thank you for helping us.

Merrifield View HOA Board

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* 1. Are you a resident owner, non-resident owner, or tenant?

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* 2. On which street do you live and/or own a property in Merrifield View?

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* 3. How has the rear only pickup worked for your household?

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* 4. Regardless of your own experience, what do you think of the back only pickup in general for the community?

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* 5. Because of the improving employment climate and increased county tipping fees, we expect garbage fees are going to continue to increase. If we try to change our current service conditions we most likely will have to sign a new contract at new prices. Which of the following options would you be willing to consider?  Remember that any increased costs from changes to the trash contract may result in an increase in association dues.

Check all that apply.

Please note – We do not know if we can get some of the following but are looking for places to start negotiating.

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* 6. Are you experiencing any issues relating to individuals putting dog waste in your trash can?

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* 7. Any other comments, ideas, or suggestions?

Please note – Do not report any current missed collection pickups on this form.  Use regular channels to report current issues.

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