If you recently experienced the need to call 911 for emergency assistance in Monroe County, PA, we are requesting YOUR help in providing us with feedback.  The Monroe County Control Center (911) strives to provide our citizens with the highest possible level of customer service.  Your input is extremely valuable to us and is an important tool in helping us meet our goals.  Please take a moment to complete the following survey:

* 1. When did you call 911 for your emergency?

* 2. Where was your emergency?

* 3. Type of service needed?

* 4. How did you call 911?

* 5. Was your 911 call answered promptly?

* 6. Did the 911 dispatcher understand your needs and obtain the necessary information?

* 7. Was the 911 dispatcher courteous and professional?

* 8. Do you feel the 911 dispatcher was knowledgeable?

* 9. Overall, were you satisfied with the 911 service you received?

* 10. Would you like a call back to further discuss your experience?