About this survey: I am developing a set of curricular materials, hoping to add some excitement to physical chemistry (really!). The National Science Foundation has given me a grant to try to prove that these materials make physical chemistry more interesting and that students who use them improve their performance in the course. (If you want more information about the grant and the materials see the grant web page.)

One goal of this survey is to establish a baseline about students' attitudes toward physical chemistry. The second goal of the materials is to improve critical reading and problem solving skills, so there are a few questions to assess those areas as well.

The survey should take you less than 15 minutes to complete and is anonymous. I appreciate your participation! At the end of the survey is a link to a page where you can enter to win a geeky prize (a beaker mug, t-shirts with sayings like "Quantum Chemistry: The Dreams Stuff is Made of", etc).

Michelle M. Francl, Professor of Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College

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* 4. Have you had a previous course in physical chemistry?