Park Run - Ormskirk & Tawd Valley

Hello, our community loves running but not everybody wants to or can join a club like LPS. We've seen a lot of runners in our club join us after 1st of all trying park runs - Adam Jones, Se Loughlin, Chris Melling, Laura Bardsley to name a few.  

As part of our overall development plan the club agreed that it's really important that we give something back to our wider community, so we have agreed with our friends who manage Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Park Runs that we would get a team together and "take over" the events or just provide them with some much needed support on the day. 

This means that you could help as a marshal and ensure runners are taking the correct route as well as keeping an eye out to ensure they are safe, work with the timers to ensure people are checked in properly at the end of the event or tail walk to provide the encouragement and support for those who want to complete the 5K course but are not as quick in doing so. 

For those who want to run the course and are able to keep a steady pace, you could help support those runners who want to achieve a certain time by acting as a pacer for them. 

We're working out dates at the moment and appreciate not everyone can do them all - so please indicate which ones you can do and we'll be in touch.

It would be great to see a number of members (or their parents !) supporting LPS in our community.

Many Thanks

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