* 1. Do you currently have children at

* 2. Which of the following He/Ho PTA events have you attended (or plan to attend) during the 2017-18 school year?

* 3. Which of the following He/Ho PTA programs do you feel add much value to our schools and community?

* 4. Do you feel that any of the following He/Ho PTA programs do not add very much value to our schools and community

* 5. Keeping in mind that the He/Ho PTA must raise and budget for expenses ranging from $30,000-40,000 annually (not including special projects such as the playgrounds), how would you like to fundraise?

* 6. On a scale from 1 (not at all important) to 6 (extremely important), please rate how important each of the He/Ho PTA's largest expenditures are to you.

  1-Not very important  2 3 4 5 6-Extremely important
cultural arts (author visits, artists in residence, assemblies, etc)
teacher appreciation (teacher appreciation week, conference luncheons, etc)
grants for innovative teacher and school projects and ideas
kid programs (field day, bike unit, etc.)
teacher classroom supply reimbursement 
larger building improvements (playgrounds, sound systems, etc for specific items not for discretionary use)

* 7. What are the biggest barriers to you attending He/Ho PTA meetings?

* 8. Would you be more likely to attend He/Ho PTA meetings if they included

* 9. Do you currently volunteer for the HE/HO PTA or school

* 10. Is there anything you'd like the He/Ho PTA to know?