Experiences from past World Youth Days

The following questions are being asked as a way for you to share your testimony with others on how a past WYD(s) have impacted your life. Thank you in advance for your time and your testimony.

* 1. What is your full name?

* 2. Your Email address?

* 3. How would you define your position or role in your church?

* 4. Where did you travel?

* 5. What was the most memorable or high moment about your WYD travel(s)?

* 6. What was the most frustrating part of your WYD(s) experiences?

* 7. What did the Holy Father (or a bishop, catechist, or leader) say or do that really impacted or challenged you?

* 8. What specific way has your relationship with God changed or been enhanced by your WYD(s) experiences?

* 9. What do you want to say or share with someone who might be thinking about attending the 2019 WYD?

* 10. How might God be calling you to your life's vocation through WYD(s)?