Your feedback will help us make the Aglow Store the best it can be!

* 1. Which of the following words would you use to describe our products? Select all that apply.

* 2. How well do our products meet your needs?

* 3. How would you rate the quality of our products?

* 4. Rank each of the following price points in order of how likely you are to purchase an item in this range, 1 being most important and 7 being least important.

* 5. Rank the following product categories in order of importance to you, 1 being most important and 7 being least important. 

* 6. Of the top 2 categories in Question 5, what two products would like to see offered in the store?

* 7. Do you have any other comments, questions, or feedback?

* 8. How likely is it that you would recommend the Aglow Store to a friend or colleague?


* 9. Thank you for taking our survey.  Here is your discount code for a free viewing of The Aglow Story,  SURVEY50.  Add the video to your Shopping Cart from our online, streaming Video Libray in The Aglow Store (>media>video), and use this code in the "discount code" box at checkout. (One view per customer.)