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This is a 5 minute survey for contract workers and former contract workers in tech. Before you get started, here are a few questions you may have.

Who is TechEquity Collaborative?

At TechEquity, we envision a world where the growth of the tech industry creates economic prosperity for everyone, and where tech sector employees and companies are engaged and active participants in making our economy equitable. Our mission is to mobilize tech workers and companies to advance structural change that addresses economic inequity at its roots, focusing on housing and workforce & labor.

What is the Contract Worker Disparity Project?

Recently we announced the Contract Worker Disparity Project. Many job seekers—who are looking for the stability and opportunity that a tech career creates—find an entry point through contract work. But these contract workers are locked out of many of the benefits and privileges that working in tech bestows, including high compensation, generous time off, career mobility, and a voice at work. 

Troublingly, our initial research suggests that contract workers are more likely to come from racial, ethnic, and gender groups that are under-represented in tech, deepening the industry’s equity and inclusion problem. We are shedding light on these disparities and advocating for solutions that will create equity for all tech workers. We will be releasing a series of papers on this topic throughout the summer (informed by worker interviews and original research). You can read our most recent project release and take the contract worker survey here. 

Why are we doing a survey of contract workers?

We are launching the Contract Worker Disparity Project to shine light on the growing problem of inequality inside of tech workplaces, specifically with contract workers. You can read our announcement and our two working papers on this topic on our website. Unfortunately, there is a lack of data on what contract workers at tech companies are experiencing—from wages, benefits, working conditions, and importantly who is getting contract jobs instead of full-time employment at the tech companies. 

What are you doing with the data?

We will use the data to provide a picture of the contract worker experience throughout the tech industry. Our goal is to shine a light on this problem, determine if contract work is disproportionately impacting certain groups of workers, and to identify opportunities for improved public policy and corporate practice. 

Are my responses anonymous?

Yes, survey responses are anonymous. We will share the survey outcomes as aggregated data. If survey respondents are interested, they can volunteer for an interview through the survey and add their email so that we can reach them for scheduling.

Will tech companies or my staffing agency ever see my responses?

No. We do not share internal or non-public information with companies, including worker interviews, survey findings, or the individual experience of contract workers with any tech company. 

Is my data protected?

Yes. Your privacy is important to us. Your data will only be shared in an aggregated way. This survey is anonymous. We store data in a way that limits internal and external access.
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