Thank you for coming to the 2021 NABE Diversity Scholars application page. Please read entirely before completing the application. 

Scholarship Criteria:

The NABE Foundation plans to award twenty (20) scholarships to early-career minority economists as well as minority students interested in pursuing a career in applied economics to attend the following events: the 2021 NABE Economic Policy Conference (virtual; March 22-23, 2021); the 2021 NABE Foundation Economic Measurement Seminar (format TBD; August 2021; view last year's program here); the 2021 NABE Annual Meeting (format TBD; October 2021; view last year's program here); and the 2021 NABE Tech Economics Conference (format TBD; November 2021; view last year's program here).

To be eligible for consideration as an early-career economist, one must:

* Have worked in the economics field for seven years or less 
* Currently be involved in a position that uses economic principles and theory
* Hold an undergraduate college degree or higher

NOTE: Relatives and coworkers of NABE Foundation board members are not eligible to apply.

Scholarship awardees are expected to attend and actively participate in as many of the events as possible and use the networking opportunities to meet other professionals in the field.

The Foundation will award full scholarships for each event's registration costs. Should NABE events return to an in-person format later in the year, awardees will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

Please submit this application by Wednesday, March 10, 2021, in order to be considered prior to the NABE Economic Policy Conference. Awardees will be contacted the following week. If all twenty scholarships have not been awarded at that point, applications will continue to be taken for the remaining three conferences.

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