1. Bay Of Plenty Community Cat Project Registration Form

* 1. What is your name, address and telephone contact details?

* 2. How many Cats are in the colony?

* 3. Where is the colony located?

* 4. Are any of the cats tame and can you handle them?

* 5. Are you feeding any of these cats?

* 6. Do any of these cats appear to be diseased or injured?

* 7. What do you want to happen to the colony?

  2-5 5-10 10-15 20+ All
De-sexed and returned to me
Humanely Euthanize

* 8. Do you require BOPCCP to provide a trap?

* 9. About the trap.

  Yes No
Are you able to set the trap
Are you able to monitor the trap
Are you able to bring the trap to us once the cat is caught

* 10.


We can only attend to the cats at planned times as we rely on veterinary support. We have limited resources and many colonies that require our assistance, so please be patient as we may not be able to assist you immediately but we will get in touch as soon as we are able to help. 


I will talk to all of my neighbors & surrounding house dwellers within a 2 kilometer distance to ensure the cats described here do not belong to anyone, prior to trapping or any action. I will also advise my neighbors to micro-chip/collar their cats and keep them inside to prevent their cats being trapped.

I understand and agree to the occasional visit from an BOPCCP representative to assess the condition of the colony.

I understand that a cat(s) may have to be euthanized in the case of welfare concern such as disease/injury.

I agree to abide by all instructions given either written or verbally by a BOPCCP representative

I agree to return the trap(s) on request. Failure to do so or damage to traps will incur a penalty charge.

Cats described here are either to be de-sexed & ear notched or humanely euthanized, unless they are tame enough to re-home.

Cats that are de-sexed & ear notched for release will be cared for, fed and have their welfare looked after by me.

Cats that are to be humanely euthanized must be brought to BOPCCP, BOPCCP does not condone any other means of disposal of cats.

Traps must be set in a safe place on my property to prevent loss of a trap.

Traps must have food inside, be covered and be monitored to ensure the welfare of any trapped cat(s).

Cats must be brought in within 12 hours (maximum) of being trapped. Timing MUST be co-ordinated with us.  It is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act not to do so.

I accept full responsibility and liability in the event of an owned cat being trapped, and then brought in my me to be euthanized or de-sexed and ear notched.


·         I certify that to the best of my knowledge all cats in the colony described are either owned by me or are un-owned cats.
·         I certify that all of the information that I have provided is true and correct.

·         I certify that I have fully read and understand all aspects of the agreement.