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* 1. I have created _________ excel spreadsheets before.

* 2. I know that when an excel spreadsheet is made, the end of the file name is ______

* 3. I have put ______ charts/graphs in an excel before.

* 4. When using a "flash" or "thumb" drive, you usually place it in the USB port. I know that USB stands for ____________ _____________ ____________.

* 5. I have used formulas before in an excel.

* 6. I know that I have been asked by the Technology Department to save my excel spreadsheets as _____________________________ so they can be viewed and used by most versions of Excel.

* 7. I like creating charts and graphs, because I can see patterns easier!

* 8. I understood that since this was a spreadsheet with data, that I was supposed to have a certain number of 1 minute timings, a certain number of 2 minute timings, a certain number of 3 minute timings, AND an average to compare my progress from month to month!

* 9. Have you ever inserted a header in an excel spreadsheet so you have a title on every page you print if there are multiple pages?

* 10. This survey is for course improvement...so there aren't any "wrong" answers, you receive a grade when you complete it by the due date! Please enter in your name so you can receive your points for completing EACH answer!!