You have been cordially invited to participate in a focus group regarding principal preparation in New York State, the “Principal Preparation Project”. The purpose of this project is to enhance state support for the development of school building leaders.  Last fall, Commissioner Elia created a Principal Project Advisory Team, and on September 21, 2016, this team convened for the first time.  Since then it has met monthly to review programs to prepare school principals, identify if improvement is possible, and to formulate recommendations for consideration by the Board of Regents. The team ends work in May, 2017. With the Advisory Team approaching the mid-point of its work, plans are underway to gather stakeholder input on the Team’s draft recommendations.  A set of 20 focus groups is planned to take place.  They begin March 3, 2017 and end March 24, 2017. 

Plans call for each focus group to include a mix of six groups:

-           Teachers

-           Parents

-           Local School Board Members

-           Principals (or those holding or pursuing School Building Leader certification)

-           Superintendents or District Superintendents

-           Deans of Schools of Education (or their faculty designees)

Participation in these focus groups is completely voluntary.  Our hope is that each focus group meeting will include 24 invitees will last 90 minutes to two hours, and will take place face-to-face.  So that participants may speak freely, no plans exist to record (either audio or video). Participant names will be recorded, but individual remarks will remain anonymous. No single comment will be attributed to any single individual. Remarks will be combined in summary fashion and provided to members of the Advisory Team. If a specific comment is cited, it will only be to illustrate a theme that emerged from discussion.  A summary of focus group results will be provided to members of the Principal Project Advisory Team, to Commissioner Elia, and to the NYS Board of Regents.

This survey is being used to register stakeholders from the NYS PTA. Other mechanisms are being used to register teachers, school board members, and superintendents,SBL/SAS certified individuals or Deans of Schools of Educations or their designees. Please continue if you are a member of the NYSPTA.

In advance, thanks for your help.

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