Please could you complete this survey in order for us to know more about the current woman within circles and for building the woman within circle community.

* 1. Contact details

* 2. Have you completed the Woman Within Circle training

* 3. Are you currently in a circle?

* 4. If your would like to join a circle, what is a priority for you?

* 5. If you would like to join a circle, how often can you meet?

* 6. If you are in a circle, how often do you meet?

* 7. How many members do you have in your wwcircle?

* 8. How many years have you been a circle?

* 9. Where is your circle based?

* 10. Which circle Manual are you using?

* 11. We have produced a new circle manual for 2018 this manual is to be used in your circle meetings. Would you and or your group like to purchase have or access the updated version? 

* 12. Please list the names of the women in your circle

* 13. Are you looking to invite more women to your circle?

* 14. Would you be interested in guiding an 8 week circle training or a weekend intensive training?

* 15. Have you attended an open circle?

* 16. Please feel free to leave a comment or any suggestions you may have regarding wwcircles below.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Survey It is very much appreciated.