Leaders of this emerging new paradigm

The Core Team are the advisors and accountability partners. Their role is to help the organization keep on charting the course to being the best and healthiest network of businesses, schools, churches, social agencies, organizations, for employees, volunteers, and tax-payers.

Our network is one that makes a difference in our personal lives, our families, and communities both local and global.

It involves a business layer with cash funding and purchase options for non-members or members that are using a mixture of currencies.

The layers of currencies include: US Dollars, Business to Business Barter exchanges, Time Dollars from other Mutual Aid Network community members, and Health Bucks earned or spent on Community Service-Learning projects, classes or events that adhere to the Wellness Weavers wholistic health promotion and emergency preparedness principles.

Characteristics and values that our Core Team will have in common are:

1) Stewardship of people of all ages with a culture that supports the principles of Quality Early Childhood Learning:

A. Promotes strong social and emotional skills: healthy humor and communication methods,
B. Fresh healthy food handled and prepared in safe ways,
C. A variety of learning, art, and recreational options that nurture and enrich body, mind, and spirit
D. Values the diverse skills, talents, knowledge. and resources of all.
E. Tolerance and patience with those of different abilities, cultures, and

2) Stewardship of the Earth with:

A. Eco-healthy practices to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
B. Finding options to unsafe food containers.
C. Follow guidelines for Eco-healthy Childcare Centers.

3) Lifetime learners with proficiency in their field and willingness to keep
abreast of changing trends.

4) Commit to a standard of excellence and constructive collaboration.

5) In active growth learning to improve as role models and mentors for healthy Spirits-Minds-Bodies.

6)The willingness to work smart with wise use of technology for most meetings with the remote collaborative Core Team.

7) A willingness and financial commitment to set things up with profit-centers and a non-profit center.

8) A commitment to serve on the Team for a minimum of one year.