Thank you for taking the time to complete the Maryland Colleges/Universities Brief Tobacco Control Policy Survey. We are interested in hearing about your institution's current policy as well as any concerns you have regarding the policy or changes you are considering. Our team will use these responses to better understand the tobacco policy trends at the college level in Maryland as well as learn who may benefit from assistance/resources related to implementing new policy changes. Please note that the information you provide will not be publicized and the contact information you provide will be used in order for us to send relevant materials/resources your way. Thank you again for your time!

* 1. Before we begin the survey of your college/university's current tobacco control policies, please tell us who you are!

* 2. Is it okay for us to contact you?

* 3. Which of the following choices best describes your college/university's current tobacco control policy?

* 4. Has your college/university made any recent changes to its tobacco control policies on campus? If so, please explain.

* 5. If a campus wide smoke-free or tobacco-free policy has not yet been implemented, to the best of your knowledge, is your college/university considering doing so? Why or why not? (Please answer "NA" if this does not apply to you)

* 6. In an effort to inform the campus public, how is the tobacco control policy promoted on campus? (Please answer "NA" if this does not apply to you)