* 1. Outwardly, what's your current biggest life challenge that you're facing right now?

* 2. Internally, where do you experience the most amount of pain in your life?

* 3. How would your life be transformed if you started working on changing the outer and inner challenges right now?

* 4. Life Coaches help people see another side to places that feel "stuck" and stale. Although life coaches don't work as therapists; they do help you to shift perspective in situations that SEEM hopeless, help you to empower yourself to see meaning through powerful questions and feedback offerings, to create momentum and to move forward. One might just simply need a side kick to help you plan and move along from A - B.

Think of a life coach as your personal development and growth coach... It's our job to make sure you're on track for overcoming your challenges, set up the practices and environment that is conducive to your growth and development.

I seek out clients who are ready to make the changes they've been longing for, who are ready to rewire the old thinking and behaviour patterns.

Are you ready to...
* Be brave and be vulnerable
* Commit to stop being a victim of your history and become the master of your destiny?
* Show up in all sorts of ways that will test your limits, especially when it gets scary or you don't feel like it?
* Have a sincere desire to share all of who you are with truth and integrity?
* Be willing to adopt the curious and open mind when hearing feed back and trying on new perspectives?
* Be willing to shed and create environments and habits that are conducive to the changes you want to take action towards?
* Take personal responsibility for doing the work and gaining you results?
* Adopt the "testing" mindset when it comes to implementing the action plans you come up with. Testing involves... understanding, planning (forethought), execution, feedback, reframing and testing again? Personal development is highly experimental work.

* 5. Would you recommend coaching to a friend who might benefit from it?
If so please share this survey with the person you have in mind for them to claim their free coaching session.

Please note that:
1) If you'd like to find out or try coaching on for size; you can book a free coaching session during office hours: madlifecoach@gmail.com

2) The Month of March 2014 is your last opportunity to grab 12 sessions of Beta Life Coaching with me at the very special rate of R180 per session. (I.O.W.: 12 sessions for R2160 total). For those of you who know what coaching costs, this current deal is supper affordable.
I will be retaining my current clients at this rate and only taking on new clients at this rate till the end of March, so grab the coaching while it's supper affordable if you think it's something you'd like to do. Rates will be going up for all new clients from 1 April 2014.