1. Proposal Request

Help us design a proposal for you by answering the following questions about your institution and needs. Please note: questions with an asterisk are required.

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I already have the dates and times I need for training
I have an idea of the month or season
I need consultation with a VTS staff member to help choose a time
I'm completely open and just want to explore possible training ideas

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* 11. What immediate goals and objectives do you hope to gain from this training?

* 12. What are your long-term goals for VTS at your institution?

* 13. Have you personally or your staff had any experience with VTS? If so, please describe.

* 14. Does your institution currently use VTS in any of its programs? If so, please describe.

* 15. What kind of materials do you think you might need?

* 16. Please give us any other information you think might be helpful in planning your proposal.