I agree to give one hour of service by attending a webinar and voting on the issue at hand.

"What's in it for me?"
, everyone wants to know.  

Time is money.  Everyone is stressed and busy.   It is hard to think that life will ever be anything other than how it has been in the past... especially when we hear and read that prices will continue to inflate and budgets and jobs will continue to be cut.

In the presence of stress overload, it is difficult to learn new things.   If people had ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences, those not only affected their learning in school years, it also effects health and is compounded by adult stressors.

Therefore, we will explain new words and concepts involved.

People from all walks of life and all socioeconomic groups that want to strengthen the support for a better and more enjoyable way of life are called Wellness Weavers.
Research has shown that when people live in isolation, either by humiliation, rejection, withdrawal, or incarceration that it is very difficult to stay healthy and well.  

We seek to keep the We in Wellness and in Weavers since in our diversity is beauty and strength.

This is an orientation to the concepts and the realities of the current Mutual Aid Network, the MAN, and the WOMAN, Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network...the Wellness Weavers pilot project that has both a physical campus in Waterville, Kansas and a virtual presence with a website and other virtual technologies that offers support to any individual, business, organization, school, church, community that wants to be well and well functioning.

A mutual aid network is a collection of people that have different Skills, Talents, Resources, and Services.   They make an agreement to work together in times of crisis.  
The "new MAN" is a Mutual Aid Network that works all the time in communities and globally...not just during a crisis.

The WOMAN has gathered health and wellness resources and makes them available free 24-7 via the Wellness Weavers website 

Our campus and events model to empower and nurture our body-mind-spirit wellness so that everyone plugs in and recharges their STARS, the Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources, and Services and benefits from what are the best known and available practices for health promotion and wellness.    

What's an online STARS assessment?

All members of the Wellness Weavers Workers' Health and Wellness Cooperative fill out a Survey Monkey Assessment survey specific to STARS: Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources, Services so that they are eligible to be matched to the appropriate work teams that they are qualified to serve on and other members will know what business services are offered in the business barter level.  (Note: B2B requires a different record keeping system to track monetary value that requires an IRS 1099 form for reportable income.)

Wellness Weavers Community Service-Learning Hubs are an innovative adaptation of the best of several types of models:

1.  Quality Day Care with Interactive Learning Options for all age groups.
2.  The Clubhouse International mental health model where qualified members rotate through food service training.  
3.  Disaster Response Missions where the teams are matched to the various projects that were submitted in need of assistance.
4.  Command Central for communicating with & support services for all the teams that may be out serving in the community on the variety of projects.
5.  All project jobs are assessed by the Project Assessment Team

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* 1.

Exit now if you are not sure or you do not understand the section above.  

If you are ready to proceed, then answer Yes that you are willing to fill out the first draft of the SOPHIA form.   That is the first task that will allow you to focus on how being a Wellness Weavers Worker in the Health and Wellness Cooperative is the way you are in partnership with you, your family, your doctor, your employer, your community, other tax-payers, and the other WWW members to become the best version of yourself.  

You just have to answer 5 easy questions so we can get you connected to the webinar session that will work the best for you...and then leave your contact information below and we will be good to go!  

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* 2. This webinar will also briefly inform you of the current status of the Wellness Weavers Worker Health and Wellness Cooperative within the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.  Please indicate you present knowledge of Worker Cooperatives. 

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* 3. What days of the week work the best for you to devote one hour of your time to a collaborative event?

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* 4.

The meeting will only last one hour.  Please indicate what ranges of time of day works the best for you?  All the below times are listed in CST zone, so please re-calculate it for your time zone when you answer. 

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* 5. If you would like us to connect with you via Face Book, Twitter or another social media method, just add that in at the bottom.

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* 6. Please indicate what forms of social media you use, if you are willing to be part of a group of Wellness Weavers that use that as one form of communication.