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* 1. How do you think GGAS should work in the Bay Area against climate change?

  Yes, absolutely  GGAS should do this! Yes, if GGAS can find the resources  Maybe  Forget about it!
Support for individual carbon footprint reduction actions
Advocacy for community or government actions that reduce community carbon footprint 
Habitat conservation for birds threatened by climate change
Education about urgency of climate change threat 
Organizing/promoting low carbon or no carbon birding events 
Advocacy for living shorelines and other green infrastructure to mitigate sea level rise problems 
Education on how low-income communities can participate in habitat restoration and conservation to work against climate change  and its impacts in their own neighborhoods

Question Title

* 2. How do you want to be involved with Call to Action on  Climate Change?

  Yes.  My contact info is below:  Maybe.  My contact info is below: Not now
Steering Committee 
Work Group 
Habitat Restoration and Conservation 
Measuring our impact
Other ideas?  
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