Network of Wellbeing Brief Webinar Survey

This is a very brief survey about the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) webinar series. The first webinar in this series was 'Happier Self, Happier World' with Shamash Alidina. 

* 1. Is 6pm GMT a convenient time of day for you to join a webinar?

* 2. Was the webinar the right length for you?

* 3. Did you enjoy the content shared and find the webinar useful?

* 4. How easy did you find access to the webinar (technically)?

* 5. How regularly would you ideally like to join this type of webinar? 

* 6. Do you have any other comments / suggestions (if not then please just write N/A):

* 7. If you'd like to hear about similar events in future (plus other wellbeing updates each month) please add your name and email below (and if you'd prefer not to share details please write N/A):