The City of Glendale is requesting customer input on proposed utility rate adjustments for water/sewer and residential solid waste collection services. All responses will be presented to City Council during a future Council workshop to guide their decision-making process.

* 1. Does your household or business use City of Glendale water/sewer and/or residential solid waste collection services?

* 2. Please rate the overall level of water and/or sewer services provided to you by City of Glendale Water Services Department.

* 3. Please rate the overall level of reliability of water and/or sewer services provided by the City of Glendale Water Services Department.

* 4. Considering the overall quality, reliability, and cost (utility service charge)  associated with your drinking water and sewer services, how do you rate their overall value?

* 5. A utility rate study has determined that rate adjustments are necessary for water/sewer services to keep up with operating and maintenance costs, continue capital improvements, and to maintain regulatory compliance requirements. Please select your preferred method of implementation for proposed rate adjustments/increases.

* 6. The Water Services Department is proposing two rate revenue increase options.

Which combined waster/sewer option do you prefer?

*Please note: As Glendale City Council is currently only considering water/sewer increases over the next two years, years 3-5 service rate increases shown in the table below are estimated based on future projections.
Date  Option 1 Option 2
12/1/2017 7.5% 10.2%
1/1/2019 7.5% 5%
1/1/2020 5% 5%
1/1/2021 4.5% 5%
1/1/2022 4.5% 5%
*The above combined waste/sewer options are estimates, based on a single-family customer with average usage (9,700 gallons per month) are for references only. The actual increase for each customer will vary, depending on customer class, meter size, and usage.

* 7. Please rate the following residential solid waste collection services

  Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor
Effectiveness of trash and recycling collection (barrel service)
Monthly curbside collection of landscaping, furniture, large items (bulk trash)
Customer service / call center
Bi-annual household hazardous waste collection program
Sweeping of city streets (arterial and residential)
Container replacement (garbage and recycle barrels)
Recycling education (tags on barrels, community outreach)

* 8. Please rank the following residential solid waste issues in Glendale in order of importance to you. (1 being the highest level of importance and 4 the lowest)

* 9. Have the assessment of solid waste fees or educational program efforts encouraged you or someone in your household to recycle?

* 10. The Public Works Department is proposing rate adjustments to the current $16.30 per month per household sanitation and recycling (residential solid waste) fee with no reduction of current services.

Which option do you prefer?

*Please note:  City Council is currently only considering residential solid waste collection rate increases for the next two years, years 3 and 4 service rate increases in the table below are estimated based on future projections.
Date  Option 1 Option 2
12/1/2017 + $2.75 + $4.20
1/1/2019 + $2.75 + $1.00
1/1/2023 + $1.25 + $1.25
1/1/2025 + $1.75 + $1.75

* 11. What would cause you to recycle more? (please select all that may apply)

* 12. Considering the information provided during the Council Workshop, public meetings, the Rate Study Update website, and other community outreach efforts, do you now have a better understanding of the services and fees associated with the provision of your city residential solid waste collection and water/sewer utility services than before?