Future of NOVA Environmental Funders

Dear Friends,
We are assessing our 2017 schedule and programming, and would like your feedback on how we can improve.

Please take a few minutes to answer this survey.  We deeply appreciate your suggestions and recommendations. 

The Volgenau Foundation & The Land Family Foundation

* 1. This is our tentative schedule of events for 2017. Do you plan to attend any of the following sessions or programs? (Check all that you are likely to attend.)

* 2. Have you attended a NOVA Environmental Funders event in the past two years?

* 3. If you've attended a NOVA Environmental Funders event, what did you like most about our programming? (Check as many as apply.)

* 4. Attendance has been a challenge at recent meetings.  What in your opinion would make you more likely to attend NOVA Enviromental Grantmakers events and programming in 2017?
(Please feel free to provide further details in the comments field.)

* 5. We are considering opening our meetings to selected grantees as well as grantmakers.  What are your thoughts on this?

* 6. How can our events and programming be improved in 2017?

* 7. Do you have any specific recommendations for speakers or topics (or both) for 2017?

* 8. I would like to help NOVA Environmental Grantmakers by:

Thanks for your input! We appreciate your assistance.