* 1. If this survey was sent by email, was it received by a member or representative of a charitable organization that works in Kenya, E. Africa?

* 2. What is the name of this organization?

* 3. Is this organization currently active in Kenya?

* 4. What is this organization's website? (If there is no website then please provide a link to social media).

* 5. What is this organization's mission statement?

* 6. What is the primary country in which this organization is registered?

* 7. How is this organization registered (as a 501(c)(3), non-governmental organization, etc)?

* 8. Does this organization have a physical location(s) in Kenya? If so, where? (GPS coordinate appreciated)

* 9. What area(s) of Kenya does this organization work in?

* 10. What type(s) of work does this organization do?

* 11. Would this organization be willing to send Charity at a Glance the most recent annual report (or a link to where the report can be viewed publicly)?

* 12. How many beneficiaries does this organization serve in Kenya (best estimation)?

* 13. How much money USD does this organization allocate toward direct services in Kenya (best estimation)?

* 14. Would this organization like to hear from Charity at a Glance as the project advances?

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