In efforts to expand outreach and engagement with graduates, MCC has formed its first ever Alumni Advisory Council (AAC). The purpose of the AAC is to provide input from an alumni perspective on how the organization can help alumni utilize their MCC experience to further their goals and foster a sense of community.

* 1. First & Last Name

* 2. Phone Number and email address

* 3. What would you hope to gain by being on the council?

* 4. How will current and future alumni benefit from your service on the council?

* 5. What (if any) ways have you connected with other alumni since completing your term of service?

* 6. 4. Serving on the AAC will require a time commitment of: one conference call every 1-2 months, email exchanges, and independent work on tasks or projects. Realistically, could you to commit to these council-related activities?

* 7. Being a member of the AAC, we ask that you make a financial gift in the amount that's appropriate for your circumstance. Would this be something you could do?

* 8. What are one or two ways you think MCC could better connect with alumni?

* 9. What do you think the MCC Alumni Network should look like in 10 years? (Feel free to be as creative as you want, there are no 'wrong' answers to this question!)

Thank you for your time! You can expect to hear from a member of the council in the near future.