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Please complete the pre-assessment survey to participate in the virtual 2022 Webb Academy.

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* 1. Pre-Assessment Survey

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I can summarize my role and biggest responsibilities as chapter president.
I can identify which of the three executive cabinet models my chapter operates in and why.
I can explain the 18 Chapter Standards and their relevance.
I can articulate which of the 18 Chapter Standards my chapter is focusing on this year.
I know where to submit the Chapter Standards Report.
I can explain what happens at Sig Tau’s four national programs.
I can list the items on the Important Dates and Deadlines Document and the respective outcomes if they are not met.
I know where to find officer resources for my whole executive cabinet on
I can list the steps related to hosting officer elections and transitions.
I can list the two membership statuses in Sig Tau.
I can articulate how to enact the three membership status changes within Sig Tau (Undergraduate to Expelled, Undergraduate to Alumnus, Alumnus to Undergraduate).
I know how to read and navigate important financial features in OmegaFi/Vault.
I know how to describe the Sigma, Tau, and Gamma Phases of Sig Tau education to my chapter members.
I have reviewed the Member Safety and Wellness Policy and can recall key components from it.
I can articulate the importance of the Sigma Tau Foundation including access to scholarships, chapter funds, and CrowdChange.
I can define hazing, provide examples, and know how to address it in my chapter.
I can identify differences in fraternity ideals and behaviors.
I have a plan of what I want to, need to, and have to achieve in my role this year.
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