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The City is considering changing its Planning & Development processes and rules ("Why City Planning"), as outlined in the “Guidebook for Great Communities” which will be implemented through new “Local Area Plans” and revisions to the “Land Use Bylaw" (LUB). The vote to make these changes is coming up on April 27th, 2020 . The goal is increasing the population density and diversity of building forms in the developed area neighbourhoods.

We are a network of Calgary Community Associations, who have concerns about lack of clarity of the of the Guidebook and the impact to our neighbourhoods. The issue that causes us the most concern, is the proposed changes which will allow the existing single family homes or duplexes to be demolished and replaced with multi-unit row houses, no matter where in the community, and without community input.

This survey is intended to gather the opinion of the community members on the subject, and to collect some basic demographic data. Please note that the survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete, that all submissions are anonymous and that the data will be used in aggregate.

For more detailed information on the issue, visit our webpage here.

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* 1. "Row house development is considered a low-density form of redevelopment and should be considered appropriate throughout all communities in Calgary"

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* 2. I believe that the core of most neighbourhoods with single detached homes should be preserved for only houses.

Thank you for your input. Before you submit your responses, we would like to get some basic demographic information. Please note that all responses are anonymous, and that the data will be presented in aggregate.
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