What matters most to you this election?

This coming election, we need to elect leaders who CAN improve the living conditions of all our citizens, who CAN protect our environment and CAN work in a transparent and accountable way.

It’s important before heading to the polls to be crystal clear on who the CAN’s are and who are CAN’Ts on the issues that matter to you.

What are your burning issues? What is the New Zealand you want to live in?
What CAN’T wait another 3 years?

Our survey will be closing on Wednesday 20 August. We will find out which parties are CANS and CAN’TS. Then we'll turn the results into report cards on the top issues, so you feel confident and informed when voting this election.


* 1.

Select the four statements that best represent your priorities for New Zealand this election.

"I want a Government that can ensure..."