1. The survey! #ipredictariut

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In this survey I ask your opinion about backpacks, rucksacks and bags to find out what you really think. We'll cover size, use, colour, cost and other things important to you.

Riut stands for Revolution in user thinking. It's is a new startup which revolves it's rucksack design around urban commuters and city travellers.

I'm aiming for over 1000 responses to gather the best data possible. Please share with your contacts and ask them to partake because
a) it takes 3 minutes + the questions are simple to answer :)
b) you're helping to build the next RiutBag model to meet your needs
c) I want to reflect the views of people beyond my social network. So help me out by asking people of all backgrounds, professions and locations to partake

Thank you!

Here's more about me: www.riut.co.uk and on Linkedin uk.linkedin.com/in/sgiblin/
Things about you.

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* 4. How often do you visit cities in foreign countries?

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* 5. Are you currently a rucksack user?

OK. Onwards!