* 1.

My child's teacher(s) was/were available.

* 2.

I have a fair understanding of the way my child's progress is evaluated.

* 3.

I have a fair understanding of the report card used at my child's grade level.

* 4.

I received suggestions from the teacher(s) of things I could do to maintain or improve my child's education.

* 5.

There is good communication between school and home.

* 6.

I feel welcome at my child's school.

* 7. Children are provided a postive learning environment at school.

* 8. Children are treated with respect by all staff at school.

* 9. Office personnel are welcoming and polite.

* 10. My child feels safe at school.

* 11. My child's teacher is approachable and responsive.

* 12. The principal, Mrs. Stephenson is approachable and responsive.

* 13. I have visited the school web page.

* 14. My child brings home his/her responsibility folder or assignment book every night.

* 15. Class size is important for my child's education.

* 16. Technology is important for my child's education.

* 17. My child(ren)'s grade:

* 18. Two major strengths of Lincoln School:

* 19. Two improvements needed at Lincoln School are: