Community Poll: Reeve or Mayor?

The Heads of Council in small, rural municipalities have traditionally been called Reeve. Those distinctions no longer exist as legislated responsibilities are the same for small and large municipalities and the title of Reeve is not well known by the public, particularly younger voters.

In 2007, the Municipal Act removed the terms ‘Mayor and Reeve’ referring just to the ‘Head of Council’. Section 220 of the Act provides the authority to change the title of Heads of Council.

Today there are many small municipalities comparable to the size of Higlands East who have made the change to Mayor, such municipalities are: Township of Lake of Bays, The United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria, Township of North Kawartha and the Township of Algonquin Highlands.

* Should Highlands East have a Reeve & Deputy Reeve or a Mayor & Deputy Mayor?