Nican, Inclusion and your community

As you are aware, Community Information Support Services began supporting the Nican website and app from 1 July and we are surprised by the amount of calls and the use of the website.

At Community Information, we help the Community Sector manage their information and want to see more tools and resources that support local communities.  There are no plans to close the website however knowing your ideas will help us plan for better information sharing in the future.

* 1. How accessible is your community?

* 2. What do you think are the best ways to promote inclusion?

* 3. The daily implementing of inclusion is difficult.

  Strongly agree Some what agree Im nuteral Some What disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
I believe in and support the philosophy of inclusion
The daily implementing of inclusion is difficult.
I can find resources for me to use to promote inclusion

* 4. Do you use the Nican website to support clients?

* 5. How is the Nican Website and App used to your organisation?

* 6. If new content was added to the website as a resource - What would you like to see?

* 7. If you one of  3 choices what would they be?

* 8. On a normal week day, what do you do to support inclusion?

* 9. If you want us to contact you, provide your contact information