* 1. Which community do you reside in?

* 2. How many programs did you participate in during the Spring 2018 season?

* 3. Please rate the following in regards to programs you participated in during the Spring 2018 season:

  Highly Satisfied Not Satisfied
Access of transportation
Location of programs
Variety of programs
Quality of programs
Cost of the programs
Overall program satisfaction
Friendliness of staff members

* 4. If you received inclusion services during the Spring 2018 season please rate the following:

  Highly Satisfied Not Satisfied Does Not Apply
Ease of requesting service
Length of time it took between requesting and receiving service
Quality of service

* 5. Please rank your preferred method of hearing about programs/event.

* 6. If you would be interested in signing up to receive emails about upcoming programs and events, please provide your contact information below.

If you would like to be submitted into the raffle entry, you must provide contact information. All surveys completed before May 14th, will be entered in to win a raffle prize. 10 submissions will be chosen!

* 7. Other comments: