Peer-to-Peer Workshop Leader Application Basic Information

Thank you for showing interest in this position! We know everyone has busy schedules so we appreciate that you are interested in taking time out of yours to help your peers learn new skills!

You may be wondering what the Peer-to-Peer Workshops are all about. The initiative was started through the work of the Association of Graduate Planners and the Student Teaching Excellence Committee (STEC) as a way of connecting students and creating an environment where peers can expose each other to new skills and activities.  It is a student run initiative and this is the first time the workshops have been run.

You may also be wondering who it is open to - It is open to all graduate students in the Faculty of Environment. Do you have expertise in a unique activity you think could benefit others? Maybe you are a whiz at ArcGIS. Why not share those skills?

After providing the required information through this quick questionnaire, we ask all applicants to provide a course outline that illustrates how the workshop would be run with a timeline and draft visuals. Although meticulous detail is not required at this stage, information such as the steps that will be outlined, what example would be utilized, etc. would be useful.

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