1. UGC Sponsored Research Project on Intellectual Property Rights

Fair Use of both Analog and Digital Resources by the Academic Community Balancing Stakeholders Interests among the Universities of West Bengal and Designing A Model Copyright Management Policy

* 1. What is the name of your University?

* 2. Are you aware of Copyright?

* 3. Are you aware of 'Fair Use'of the copyright resources (analog as well as digital)?

* 4. Do you photocopy the whole book/whole journal for your class room study/project work/dissertation/research work?

* 5. Do you photocopy few chapters of a book/few articles of a journal for your class room study/project work/dissertation/research work?

* 6. Have you ever used any books/journals borrowed from the library for commercial purposes?

* 7. Did you get any copyright awareness/induction from your teacher/librarian?

* 8. Do you share your soft copies of research article(s)/chapter(s) of a book or the whole book collected from your university e-library or digital library among your friends or others?

* 9. Do you provide proper acknowledgement/and or references used in your assignment paper/project/dissertation/research article/ Ph.D thesis etc.?

* 10. Do you think there should be an well-defined copyright management policy in your university in order to stop all kinds of plagiarism and to retain academic integrity leading to academic excellence?