Guidelines and Instructions

Application deadline
October 11, 2017

Before you apply
  • Visit the Grant Writing Program's Resource page.
  • Click on Writing Proposals.
  • Review "Components of a Successful Research Proposal" and "The Genre of Grant Proposals: Considerations of Form and Rhetorical Force."
Submission requirements
  • A two-page draft proposal is required to apply.
    • The draft should be double-spaced with 1" margins and 12pt Times New Roman font.
    • At the top of your draft, be sure to include your full name and the title of your project.
    • The file you submit should be in PDF format (see Submission format below for more details).
  • A CV is also required and should be submitted in PDF format (see Submission format below for more details).
Your proposal must...
  • Explain the project's significance and intellectual importance;
  • Articulate the project's goals - that is, the primary question to be answered or the hypothesis to be tested by the research;
  • Clearly state where the research will take place - the proposal should also explain why the location is appropriate;
  • Describe the kinds of evidence (primary sources of text, interviews, etc.) and forms of analysis or argumentation that the research will use; and
  • Describe your qualifications and preparations for carrying out the research.
Submission format
  • Your proposal and CV should be submitted in PDF format.
  • Both files should be named with your last name followed by either the word "proposal" or "vita," as appropriate. (example: If your name was Barack Obama, the files would be named obamaproposal.pdf and obamavita.pdf.)
Ready to submit?
  • Finish completing this survey (we ask for your name, email address, project title, advisor name, etc.).
  • Email your proposal and CV to Erica Knight at

* 1. Full Name (as listed on transcript and student records) 

* 2. Program (Please do not use acronyms) 

* 3. Emory Email Address 

* 4. Student ID Number 

* 5. Advisor

* 6. Current Year of Study 

* 8. If yes, what was the grant(s)? 

* 9. Title of Research Project 

* 10. Research Location (Country, City, and State)