In an effort to continually improve our Accounts Payable service levels, we appreciate your time in providing feedback on our internal processes. Please provide a candid response to all questions with recommendation on the last (#10).

* 1. Accounts Payable makes payments to suppliers in a timely manner.

* 2. Accounts Payable posts invoices and Finance forms to FAOs and Spend Categories accurately.

* 3. Accounts Payable processes Requests for Payment (RFPs) accurately according to how I complete the form.

* 4. Accounts Payable staff is helpful and courteous.

* 5. Accounts Payable promptly returns phone calls within 24 hours and responds to email inquiries within 3 business days.

* 6. Accounts Payable efficiently resolves inquiries.

* 7. Finance and UR Financials websites are helpful.

* 8. Accounts Payable customer service has improved since June 2016.

* 9. Rate your overall satisfaction with Accounts Payable customer service.

* 10. What changes or improvements in Accounts Payable activities would benefit you most?