In recent years, sedentary behaviour research has emerged as a distinct field of study. With research now being conducted in multiple domains (physiology, epidemiology, psychology, etc) and on several continents, we feel that a network that connects sedentary behaviour researchers may be of value to the field. The purpose of this survey is to assess the needs of researchers and healthcare professionals with an interest in sedentary behaviour, and to determine whether there is enough interest to support such a network.

For the time being we have created a sample website which can be found at, and have also secured the rights to and, which could serve as the online home of a future network. The current website is not meant to be a final version, but to simply give an idea of what such a network’s online presence could look like.

Please complete the following questions regarding your research interests, and what you would be looking for in an organization with a specific focus on sedentary behaviour. The survey should take roughly 5 minutes to complete, and your input is greatly appreciated.