We at UU Church West are eager to meet your changing communication needs. Please check your preferences for each of the following church communications. Your choice will influence how church staff time and resources are used and may have an impact on the environment.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know your communication preferences, and for helping us "go green!"

* 1. What is your Name?

* 2. What is your preferred email address?

* 3. How would you like to receive your UUCW financial contribution statements?
Note: January tax statement will always be delivered by USPS mail

* 4. How would you like to receive Official Church Notices?
For example: notice of the Annual Meeting or other official congregational meetings where votes on church business may be taken.

* 5. How would you like to receive information about church events and activities?
You may select more than one.

* 6. Would you like to receive text alerts from UUCW to your cell phone number currently on file?

* 7. Preferred cell phone number