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Welcome to the first Global Quality of Life Survey specifically for transplant recipients.

The World Transplant Games Federation knows that receiving a transplant is a step in an ongoing journey taken by all transplant recipients around the world. A transplant is not a cure but a chance to start anew and to live a life as fully and completely as possible.

One of the Federation's goals is to help transplant recipients worldwide to learn to live with a transplant and to understand the benefits of fitness and activity in the life of an organ transplant.

To best know how we can help it is important to understand how you rate your quality of life now. That way we can best build programs and support for the future.

It is also important that we continue to ensure the World Transplant Games continues to meet the needs of recipients and a few questions are included at the end of the survey.

This survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. 

If you have any queries regarding this survey please email wtgf@wtgf.org

Kind regards

Chris Thomas
World Transplant Games Federation