1. UGC Sponsored Research Project on Intellectual Property Rights

Fair Use of both Analog and Digital Resources by the Academic Community Balancing Stakeholders Interests among the Universities of West Bengal and Designing A Model Copyright Management Policy

* 1. What is the name of your University?

* 2. Are you aware of 'Fair Use'of the copyright resources (analog as well as digital)?

* 3. Do you favor the following use of the copyrighted resources like Printed books/printed journals/CD/DVD and ebooks/ejournals/off-line and on-line databases?

  Yes No
Making multiple copies of the same article from the printed journal/ejournal
Making multiple copies of the whole printed book/ebook Making course pack
Conducting research
Writing research Publication
Making any derivative works
for derivative works
Making any commercial use

* 4. Do you favor the following activities ?

  Yes No
Aware of Standard Style of Reference Format(e.g.APA/MLA/Chicago etc)
Properly cite the references after the fair use of the copyrighted resouces
Cite Direct Quotation/Paraphrase/summary
Always seek permission from the copyright owner for making any derivative work/research/scholarship beyond the fair use

* 5. Do you favor the follwing kind of uses of the coprighted resources?

  Yes No
Small quantity (e.g. a 1 chapter or 1 article or less than 10% of the work)
Large portion or entire work
Portion used is not central to entire work
Portion used is central or the as a whole "heart" of the work
Amount is appropriate to education purpose
Includes more than necessary for education purpose

* 6. Do you use copyrighted resources in the following way?

  Yes No
No significant effect on the market or potential market for the copyrighted work
Cumulative effect of copying would be to substitute for purchase of the copyrighted work
One or few copies made and/or distributed
Numerous copies made and/or distributed
No longer in print; absence of licensing mechanism
Reasonably available licensing mechanism for obtaining permission to use the copyrighted work currently available
Restricted access (limited to students in a class or other appropriate group)
Will be making it publicly available on the Web or using other means of broad dissemination
One-time use, spontaneous use (no time to obtain permission)
Repeated or long-term use

* 7. Please give a weblink of any of your research articles/papers if any

* 8. Do you share your soft copies of research articles/chapters of a book or the whole book collected from your university e-library or digital library among your friends or others?

* 9. Have you ever taken any initiave to make your students aware about the fair use of the copyrighted works, the need for providing proper acknowledgement/and or reference in their assignment papers/project report/dissertation/Ph.D thesis in order to stop all kinds of plagiarism and to retain academic integrity leading to academic excellence?

* 10. Do you think there must be an well-defined copyright management policy in your university?