* 1. Survey Participant Information

* 2. Do you agree or disagree that the forces of nature are sacred, they created the original, and that a new replacement should not be created at the same location, nor by any man made means?

* 3. Do you agree or disagree with an interpretation that the original's human profile along with its rare natural balancing act was nature’s way of providing us “a sign of our need to balance our relationship to nature”?

* 4. Do you agree or disagree that we are “of nature”, we will always be responsible for balancing our relationship to it, and that over the last century man had intervened upon natures course by placing cables to maintain it on the cliff wall so that to build a Redefinition of the Old Man of The Mountain may not be viewed as sacrilege but as a means to provide continuity with a "trust to balance our relationship with nature for present and future generations"?