1. Welcome to "Pick the Pick 4 at The Raceway at WFD!"

The Raceway at Western Fair District's signature night for Harness Racing is the $300,000E Molson Pace, which takes place on Friday, May 25th. Free For Allers from all over North America are coming for what is sure to be a great event. The evening is jam packed with stakes and top racehorses.

The Raceway's takeout on the Pick 4 to 15%. In addition, for Molson Pace night, the Pick 4 is going to be guaranteed at $15,000.

To make this Pick 4 even better, The Raceway's management has to let bettors card the Pick 4 sequence.

Will you answer the following question and share your opinion?

The Molson will be one leg of the pick 4. What would you like to see the other three legs consist of?