Under Assembly Bill 109, signed by Governor Jerry Brown in April 2011, certain criminal justice responsibilities were shifted from State prisons and parole boards to counties and superior courts with the goal to close the revolving door of low-level inmates cycling in and out of State prisons. The bill required each county’s Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) to develop and recommend a plan for addressing the county’s needs in response to this Public Safety Realignment. The Yolo County CCP acts as the governing body responsible for developing and submitting public safety realignment implementation recommendations to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors. The CCP includes representatives from the Superior Court of California, County of Yolo; the Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency, Probation Department, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office and Sheriff’s Office; and local Police Departments.


The CCP is seeking community input to guide the next iteration of its strategic plan. With this in mind, please answer the following questions regarding the criminal justice system in Yolo County.

* 1. Regarding the criminal justice system, please order which of these areas in your opinion needs the most attention? Number from 1 to 5 (1 being most important, 5 being least).

* 2. If you selected "Other" for Question 1, please specify.

* 3. How should the CCP expend its resources to meet these needs?

* 4. Below are the five goals that the CCP formed during the original Strategic Plan in 2014. Please provide any suggestions on how you think the CCP may further attain these goals. You can find the original 2014 Strategic Plan here.

* 5. Has outreach by the County been sufficient in regards to making the public aware of criminal justice efforts?

* 6. How do you currently get County and criminal justice related news?

* 7. How do you prefer to get news and information?